What about Bob's #d 264/ Collection?

Why 264?

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Currently have 452 different SPx 264s.....updated 02-10-18, in addition I have 2,863 other 264s in other products.

Found out I was spending twice as much as I was selling, don't we all.  So I had to find a way to limit what I was buying.  Like that really happens, so in 2005 I developed this focus.  Collect SPx sequence # 264, which indicates my birthday (02-26-64). 

My focus is on just the SPx football products.  SPx Jersey/Autograph RC, Autograph RC and base Rookie Card. 

Looking for sequence number 264/xxx or 0264/xxxx. 

My collection has been published in the May 2008 Beckett Magazine, page 23 under "Super Collectors".

Currently 452 in my PC.  Here is the break down:

Rookie: 164 - 36.9%   Click Here for Scans

Insert: 11 - 2.5%  Click Here for Scans

Jersey: 37 - 8.3%  Click Here for Scans

Rookie Auto: 77 - 17.3%   Click Here for Scans

Rookie Auto/Jersey: 155 - 34.9%   Click Here for Scans

I have 23.77% of all unique players from 1999-2012

264 "variants"

Additionally, I have 2,647 "variant" 264s in the collection.  (variants = all other products and sports).

Many of the additions to this collection have been donated freebie style from members across the collecting community.  I am happy to trade for "variants" BV to BV, or happy to replace the card with a different number.  I will splurge and buy "variants" that fall into the following categories:

2016 Panini Prizm Orange Refractors - 26 in hand
2015 Topps Chrome Colored Refractors
- 25 in hand
2014 Topps Chrome Colored Refractors - 77 in hand
2013 Topps Chrome Colored Refractors & Autos - 169 in hand
2012 Topps Chrome Colored Refractors - 84 in hand
2011 Finest Auto/Jersey

2011 SP Authentic (23 of 34 in hand) - Total of 67.6% of RPA
2010 Plates & Patches Encased Auto/Patch
2010 Topps Prime 3Q Triple Relic
SP Game Used Golf Auto/Patch
2009 Americana Movie Poster Relics
2008 Prestige Prestigious Picks/Pros


Upper Deck Sweet Spot Helmet Autos - 53 in hand
Upper Deck SP Authentic RPA / Autos - 171 in hand


Green Bay Packers
Ohio State Buckeyes

Here are a couple of examples of my collection in the form of an Autograph Jersey:

2007 SPx Adrian Peterson Jersey Autograph 264/299 BGS 9

2006 SPx Reggie Bush Jersey Autograph 264/399 BGS 9

2009 SPx Percy Harvin Jersey Autograph 264/549 BGS 9

Here is one example of my collection in the form of 246/250:

2001 SPx Drew Brees Jersey Autograph 246/250 BGS 8.5

Here are examples of my collection in the form of an Autograph:

2006 SPx Jay Cutler Autograph 0264/1299 BGS 9

2009 SPx Clay Matthews Autograph 264/299


Here are some examples of my collection in the form of Base Rookie Card:

2005 SPx Marion Barber III Rookie 264/499

Here are examples of my "variant" collection:

2010 SP Authentic Sam Bradford 264/299

2010 SP Authentic C.J. Spiller 264/299

2011 SP Authentic Colin Kaepernick 264/699 BGS 9.5

2011 SP Authentic Blaine Gabbert 264/299 BGS 9

2011 SP Authentic Ryan Mallett 264/299 BGS 9

2011 SP Authentic Cam Newton 264/299 BGS 9

2011 SP Authentic Andy Dalton 264/699 BGS 9